Missouri & Arkansas – Rural Church Planting

Trip Duration

8 Days/7 Nights.

Team Size

Group sizes are flexible.

Trip Availability

Now Accepting Applications.


Important Trip Info

Learn more about the Rural Church Planting trip experience:

A rural church planting movement across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas is positioning local pastors in important roles that help them better serve their communities. Convoy of Hope’s Rural Initiatives help train those pastors for community engagement and provide periodic resourcing to support them in fulfilling their goals.

Field Teams visiting this region will likely get the opportunity to assist the local church in serving the surrounding community. The list of opportunities is great — help with ongoing feeding programs, build community gardens, assist in renovation projects that allow for gathering places like community coffee shops, and more. The work will depend on the church’s in-depth understanding of the assets available. Our desire is to increase the capacity of church leaders and the ability for members to serve with the resources they already have.

Potential projects include serving food, working on rehabilitation projects, hosting local block parties, assisting with community gardens, engaging with children, and participating in other community development projects unique to the town.

We work closely with our local hosts to determine the specific projects your team will take part in. We will communicate those to you at least 60 days prior to your trip.

Note: We noted the range of funds in connection with the project funds for the trip. Please know that raising more funds allows for greater possibilities.

What Kind of Projects Will I Be Working On In Rural Church Planting?


Ground Cost

$350+ for 7 nights

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Ground costs are the basic trip expenses that each individual on the team will be responsible to raise. The cost covers things like housing, food, insurance, trip coordination and hosting, preparation resources, and other trip necessities.

Note: The ground cost does not include any transportation costs. If you fly to the region, we will work with you to book the flights and to find local transportation. You’ll add the cost of the tickets and necessary ground transportation to the amount you’re raising.

Transportation Cost

*Varies based on transport needs.

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You may choose to drive your own vehicles with no additional transportation cost, or we have a specialist who will find the flight itinerary cost that works best for your team. You’ll add the cost of the tickets and necessary ground transportation to the amount you’re raising.

Project Cost

$2,500-$5,000 per team.

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Project costs are used to set-up and purchase the materials for the project you and your group will be working on. This covers things like pre-trip planning, materials, transportation, payment to local workers, government fees.

The estimated trip costs are exactly that: estimates. The specific and final costs will be communicated during the application approval process.

Trip costs can exceed the estimates provided. This calculator is intended to help you gather a ballpark estimate for your group.

What Kind of Resources Do You Provide For Your Field Teams?

Video Training Tracks

Team Field Guide(s)

Debrief Materials & Downloads

Online Fundraising Platform

Digital Home Page

Q&A and Resources

Hold On! BEFORE I APPLY, I Have Like A Million Questions!

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Every participant must meet the following criteria:

  • 16-years-old or older for international trips and 13-years-old or older for U.S.-based trips. Certain trips, noted in the description, are only open to those 18+.
  • In good health.
  • Consent to and pass a background check.

Currently, we are not able to accommodate individuals who are not connected with a team.

Field Teams exist to connect partners with opportunities to serve  people through Convoy of Hope. Field Teams consist of people from churches, universities, and other groups or organizations.

Field Teams are open to those who are 16-years-old and older for international travel (certain trips require 18+) and 13-years-old and older for U.S.-based trips. It should be noted that many of our group opportunities include construction-oriented work. Please look closely to see the type of work required of each opportunity, and keep this in mind when deciding on the team members from your group.

Field Teams help Convoy of Hope accomplish our goals around the world. Because of this, different teams may serve through different projects and opportunities. Currently, most of our teams will help with construction projects that serve our Children’s Feeding initiative. Additionally, most teams will spend time with children and others who are served through Convoy of Hope.

We don’t list every possible date for your teams to serve as there are many changing factors, and that list would be near impossible to keep for each place of service. In every place, however, there are multiple windows of opportunity throughout the entire year, except for a break around Christmas. Please let us know via email or your application of 2 or 3 windows of time (a Saturday-Saturday works best in the Western Hemisphere), and a place(s) that interests you, and we will work to find a time that works for both you and the field.



When we receive this application, we will begin working to ensure an effective opportunity for your group. We will communicate with you shortly.

If you understand these parameters and desire to gather a group to serve on the field, please complete the information below.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve together through this partnership of your group, Convoy of Hope and leaders on the field.

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